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I'm an 18 year old from the USA. I live in the south, so yes I have a redneck accent 95 percent of the time. I'm a lesbian, but anyone could figure that out by my posts. I have a beautiful partner in life, who goes by the name of Hannah, and I'm very comfortable with my life, and the way I live it. I don't bite, so if you wanna get to know me, shoot me a message! :)
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You’re getting there, Jane.


Gosh, Maura. You’re such an underachiever… 

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I do believe Jane would be amenable to that.

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FESTIVAL DEL SOLE Bella Italia! Tribute to Sophia Loren
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Angie Harmon

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Sasha’s adorable smile: 21-24/50

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Rizzles AU: Maura couldn’t wait any longer.

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The guy who I had the most amazing sexual chemistry with: a face licker. And the next guy who I had feelings for; ended up dead, and I was framed for his murder. And then the guy who said he really wanted my body? He meant it literally because he was a serial killer who made sculptures out of dead women’s bodies. There is no Mr. Right out there for me. 


Jane doesn’t depend on anyone? How about last couple weeks when she was telling Maura that she needed her to help her through the pregnancy?

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